Our Mission & Vision

It is the mission of Hope Grows to inspire hope through nature while empowering caregivers to seek wellness of mind, body, and spirit.  Our staff and network of volunteers seek to put an end to caregiver death and be the organization caregivers trust and turn to receive personalized assistance, therapeutic services, and resources at any point in their journey regardless of their financial means.

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation pushing this common mission & vision. All this requires time, investment and application as we strive to plant hope, one seed at a time.  All this requires seasons of cultivating, tending to, and as we strive to plant hope, one seed at a time.

Who We Are

Nature is unpredictable at times, so is the process of providing care for someone. We at Hope Grows provide an environment that empowers the caregiver to tell their story, engage in short breaks (respite), and participate in counseling and support as necessary. In using a positive, holistic, and mindful approach focused around the healing benefits of nature, the path in maintaining quality of life can be experienced. Attending to the identity of the caregiver while in the midst of the increasing demands they provide is our goal in helping the caregiver to manage the physical, psychological and spiritual stress associated with the role of providing care.

Who is the Caregiver?

A family caregiver is anyone providing a wide range of unpaid care to dependent children, spouses, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, or neighbors. Responsibilities can include, but not limited to personal care, physical help, emotional/social/behavioral support, assistance with activities of daily living, assistance accessing services, and financial help.

Caregivers assume responsibility for providing care for someone. The role starts with picking up meds for mom or taking dad to the doctor and as the demands increase, so does the physical and emotional stress. Caregivers often do not identify as a ‘caregiver’ in the early onset of the role. However, juggling work/family schedules, experiencing increased responsibilities of providing care, having limited time for self, and lack of finances for replacement care begins to wreak havoc on mind, body, and spirit of the caregiver.

Just like gardeners, no two caregivers are alike. Some flourish in the spring, some flourish in the fall. Whatever season you garden, Hope Grows has a program that is right for you. Our overarching goal is to help the caregiver till their own soil so that they grow and bloom in the way that works for them.

Our Team

LISA STORYFounder & Executive Director
Lisa discovered a lack of support for caregivers in the Pittsburgh area following the death of her father. As an avid gardener, her belief in the restorative power of planting led her to found Hope Grows. Read More about Lisa’s Story.
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Board Members Position
Kendra White, MS, MCHES President
Cassandra Boody Vice-President
Melissa Pugne Treasurer
Gaylyn Frosini Secretary
Marc Felezzola, Attorney at Law Board Member
Kathy Kulka Board Member
Lisa Story, MSCP, LPC, CT Board Member
Barbara J. Vock Board Member

Why the Almond Blossom?

The almond tree is deeply rooted in symbolism through history and legend. While the fruit of its labor provides nutrition, the spread of its seed connected cultures through population expansion as well as mythical and biblical symbolism and its use through literature and the arts. The almond tree is the first to blossom in the spring before other trees and the almond has amazing nutritional value.

The Hope Grows logo is rooted deeply in symbolism, not only for the meaning of the flower but what it represents. While the idea for Hope Grows originated from a dream from the founder’s late father, it was not until a florigrapher informed our founder of the chosen flower’s meaning. Lisa discovered during a workshop that the flower for her late father’s birthday represents hope. The dream and the idea for the organization and its mission then came full circle.

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