YOU are the Mission!

Caregivers of today need to plant the seeds for the caregivers of tomorrow.

While we may believe that providing care and feeling the stress and strain of the job is normal, the statistics are indicators that preventive care is necessary to maintain health. Hope Grows wants to hear from you.

Please take the anonymous online survey to help us continue to grow seeds of hope. If you are inspired to help plant seeds of hope, contact 412-369-HOPE (4673) or email info@hopegrows.net. Click the links below to learn about ways you can make a difference.


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Donate time and compassion to help Hope Grows provide caregiver support at events and fundraisers.


A volunteer is a plant that has grown from a seed that has not been deliberately sown. Hope Grows continues to seek volunteers that are willing to plant seeds of hope for those on the caregiver journey.

Hope Grows is looking for volunteers in various categories.

  • Garden Keepers
  • Green Thumbs
  • Marketing and Office
  • Fundraisers and Special Events–currently seeking help for the October 4th Hike for Hope
  • Garden Days (Spring, Summer, Fall)

To find out how you can help, fill out the form below or call 412-369-HOPE (4673).

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Become a Sponsor

Hope Grows receives sponsorships from public and private organizations and from individuals. You can choose to sponsor an event or to make a general organizational sponsorship.

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“I really do not have words that can thank you and Hope Grows for the support you give. Some days just coffee and someone to chat with is all it takes to get me through the day! Unless someone has done this job, they will never know. To think at one point I was caring for three loved ones at the same time. Truly it is a group like yours that saved me from jumping a bridge! Keep up the things you do!…I hope to be a bigger part of Hope Grows in the future.”

Abby Kesner

“Lisa really saved me…She pulled me up from drowning – I needed to be with someone who understood what I was going through…She helps you understand that you aren’t going crazy, that your feelings are normal. She is a breath of sunshine when you are going through this [grief].”

Mary Carleo