The True Meaning of Abundance And The Value of Strong Bonds

“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” ~ Unknown

The theme for the month of November is abundance. While abundance seemed fitting for the month of November as we focus on celebrating the federal holiday of Thanksgiving, at Hope Grows it became a little bit more.

Abundance for us here at Hope Grows is NOT about financial richness or wealth. Instead, abundance is about being able to open oneself to the true bonds that can be formed in friendships and relationships, as well as with self in terms of our wellbeing.

Finding True Happiness

We wouldn’t be Hope Grows if we didn’t mention nature and the bonds that can be formed with nature as well. When I think of caregiving and nature, I go directly to giving thanks for the abundant connection that nature continues to provide for us in our day to day lives. The beauty that erupts from the earth in the spring after a long winter of dormancy, where everything looks dead, brings awareness and insight. 

This nature connection is so profound that, if we allow it to do so, the process teaches us that just like the roots of deciduous trees in the winter, we need to take a break to rejuvenate.

The Benefit of a Mindset Shift

Rejuvenation can be hard to come by at times, but a mindset shift can prove to be helpful. Steve Maraboli, an internet radio commentator, motivational speaker and author, once said, “plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” 

I believe that hope is about a happy optimistic look at your life and if you persist with that mindset, nothing but endless good can happen. Is this what Steve Maraboli meant when he talks about the Law of Nature? What you put out into nature comes back at you in abundance. In some cases, the good may not happen overnight, but staying connected to happiness and hope just may help anyone through the roughest times in their life.

Why Is Hope So Important?

At Hope Grows, our goal is about positively connecting caregivers to self-care and to help them find the rainbow after the storm, focus on the seed that grows despite the odds of its surroundings, and to look at their current situation and see the blessing.

In the midst of caregiving, sometimes it can be hard to do that because of the demands, but by reaching out to help the person in need and then lowering our barriers that are in place to protect, we can become more open to receive support and help ourselves. It becomes a mindset, whereby, it challenges us to build a bridge that connects instead of a wall that separates.  

The Dynamic of the Caregiver and the Care Receiver

This is worthy of reflection. As we continue to support and help caregivers, our Hope Grows message stands the test of time: By recognizing the reciprocal relationship between self and nature, we recognize the dynamic of the caregiver and the care receiver.

How Can I Support a Caregiver?

While we give, we are also receiving, we just have to be open to both, so that true connection can be abundant. Staying connected to others is important and when we feel connected, it becomes easier to count our blessings and feel abundance. 

One of our goals remains intact as we move into the new year; continuing to have conversations with people that connect the caregivers we serve, the industry that works for the caregiver, and the communities that put family caregivers at the core of their priorities. By looking into the eyes of our communities and recognizing the need, we can all begin to connect caregivers to an abundance of relief. Happy Thanksgiving from Hope Grows! We hope that you can focus on what you have in your life versus what you don’t have. Let us all take Thanksgiving to count our blessings.

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