Hope Grows Iris Movement™ Caring Decal


The blue bearded iris, on The Caring Decal, symbolizes care and hope. The three leaves of the iris represent faith, valor, and wisdom, a perfect choice for the caregiver emblem.

The Hope Grows Iris Movement’s mission is to bring recognition and support to family caregivers. The decal placed on your car window, entrance door or window of your home or your computer screen is a symbol of your support for those who give their hearts to supporting others. It may be small, but if you support caregivers or care recipients, you know about the big impact that small gestures can make.

Read the information on the back of the card that comes with the decal for more details about The Hope Grows Iris Movement. The blue bearded iris decals make easy gifts for your co-workers, friends, and family.

The Caring Decal placed on your car window, home window, or computer screen will show your caregiver support, as well as build awareness for the need to support family caregivers.

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Hope Grows Iris Movement™ Caring Decal

The decal displays the blue bearded iris with the words Caregiving and www.hopegrows.net. The size (1 3/4″ x 4”) is small but makes a big statement of care and support. Information about Hope Grows Iris Movement is on the back of the card.

Also available in the Hope Grows Iris Movement collection are: The Caring Note Card, The Caring Pin, and The Iris Bulbs for Fall Planting.

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