Hope Grows Iris Movement™ Iris Bulb


This selected iris for the Hope Grows Iris Garden is the Blue Bearded Iris. The Victorian Falls Rebloom Blue Iris is the color of sky blue with touches of white and a mature flower of 34-40 inches in height.

This flower symbolizes care and brings a promise of hope, representing a movement to honor caregivers, and raise awareness of and support for, those who are supporting others. You may purchase the iris bulbs in honor of or in memory of a caregiver or care recipient. Join us in planting the iris rhizome in the fall or request that a Hope Grows horticulturist plant it for you. You are also welcomed to purchase for your own use or for planting at the Hope Grows Respite House Gardens.

The planted rhizome (bulb) will multiply every year providing calming beauty in the Hope Grows Iris Garden for those who seek respite there for years to come. 

Inclusion of the name of your honored caregiver or care recipient can be included on the Hope Grows Iris Garden Memory Plaque, for an additional charge. Details about the Memory Plaque will follow at a later date.

Thank you for supporting the Hope Grows Iris Movement. Your purchase is helping to support services and programs for the family caregiver.

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Hope Grows Iris Movement™ Iris Bulb

The purchase of the blue bearded iris bulb in honor or in memory of a caregiver or care recipient will bloom every year. Each rhizome will continue to multiply offering continued beauty in the Hope Grows Iris Garden or (your own garden) and providing a space for the memory and recognition of care and support given over the years. In this way you are supporting the Hope Grows caregiver programs and healing and restorative gardens for the caregiver.

Also available in the Hope Grows Iris Movement collection are: The Caring Note Cards, The Caring Pin, The Caring Decal.

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