The Caregiver Recipe™ Kit


The Caregiver Recipe Kit© was designed with the caregiver in mind and the benefit of self-care. We hope this kit can be a reminder for you or the caregiver in your life to nurture the mind, body, and spirit through personal wellness and respite care. 


The items in the Caregiver Recipe Kit© are not randomly selected, but instead are handpicked with the intent that the recipient of this therapeutic kit will immerse themselves in this self-care respite technique. Each item will remind the caregiver the importance of self-care, in addition to providing them with tangible items to take those moments. The Recipe for Caregivers© that is provided with this Kit will guide them in attaining the emotional support they might need. 


Each item’s value is explained in this Recipe so the caregiver may indulge in the moment of relief it provides. In addition to the Recipe for Caregivers©, the Caregiver Recipe Kit includes: 

    • Iris Movement Tervis Tumbler
    • Journal
    • Essential Oil
    • Stress Reliever
    • Breathing Exercise
    • “Nature” Stone
    • Almonds
    • Sunflower Seeds


*Product contains tree nuts


The respite items in this kit include:

  • White (keepsake) box with “A Recipe for Caregivers” label
  • 16 oz Tervis Tumbler with Iris emblem
  • Serenity Essential Oil Sample including a description
  • 4″ x 6″ Hope Grows Journal book w/pen
  • 6 oz. pack of low sodium almonds
  • Purple heart shaped stress reliever
  • Gray stone w/wording “Nature”
  • Pack of sunflower seeds

Instruction card called “Recipe for Cultivating Caregiver Wellness™” lists the ingredients (mentioned above) giving the wellness directions to follow. This recipe will inspire wellness of mind, body, and spirit and includes a breathing exercise.

*Product contains tree nuts.


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