Whether you find yourself in a caregiver role for the first time, have spent years being a caregiver, or have lost the person you were caring for, we understand the unique challenges that you face. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you remain in the best mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shape to continue to provide the best care possible for YOU and your care receiver. Let us be your support system as you continue in this caregiver role.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that connecting to nature and the natural world is therapeutic.

We believe in a Positive, Mindful, and Holistic approach as a path to wellness.

We believe that caregivers not only need a break, they deserve a break.

Grow Together With Counseling & Support

Hope Grows provides mental health counseling, support groups, and psycho-education to individuals and families who serve as a caregiver personally and professionally.  This support provides a network to encourage caregivers to process the mind, body, and spiritual stress associated with the role of caregiver and enhances skills to care for their care receivers.

Caregiver Connect is a research-based program that provides an opportunity for caregivers to tell their story and share their experiences, offering relaxation and mindfulness techniques for stress reduction and management. Funded in part by Staunton Farm Foundation, the program is coordinated and facilitated by Hope Grows and the Jewish Association on Aging.

Family Coaching Program is to offer emotional/mental health coaching/support to those couples/families dealing with the chronic illness of Parkinson’s Disease. Funded in part by the Parkinson’s Foundation of Southwestern PA, the program is developed and facilitated by Hope Grows, with coordination support from the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Our emotional and mental health counseling helps to cultivate mind, body, and spirit integrating nature-based techniques to help nurture your individual needs and help you work through: Anxiety/Depression, Trauma/Secondary Traumatic Stress, Caregiver Stress/Compassion Fatigue/Burnout, Grief, Loss, and family/relationship issues.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers, Life after Caregiving, Morning Tea, and The Joy of Living are support and educational programs for caregivers. We also offer programs for the professional community with varying topics and continuing education.  Check the events page for offerings.

Grow Together With Into Nature

We incorporate nature therapy and the connection to the natural world as a key elements of our programming, not only because of its relaxing and restorative values, but also for its representation and illustration of life’s beauty, challenges, and cycles…all very relatable to caregiving.

Grow Together with Take in Break is an Ambassador/Mentorship program for children of middle school ages, teaching about mentorship for children in the life skills programs of their school and what it means to be an ambassador and help family caregivers. The program consists of learning about planting, growing, and harvesting, as well as pollination. This program was funded by FedEx, Whole Kids Foundation, and the Rooted Story, LLC.

Strolling through the gardens will give you an inside look at the healing and restorative properties of the gardens at the Iris Respite House. Attend Sunday Garden Walks & Talks to learn about gardening, pollination, bee keeping, and garden maintenance.

Our unique podcast encompasses the benefits of the healing properties that nature brings to the mind, body, and spirit.  IntoNature! Podcast

Grow Together with Short Breaks

We provide opportunities for caregivers to take short breaks. Whether 10 minutes, several hours, or overnight, our Therapeutic Respite™ model utilizes a mindful approach to achieve that break. Each year, we subscribe to a theme, using integrative techniques and programs that are centered around a monthly focus incorporating flower symbolism, essential oils and a specific tea. Our virtual Simple ‘Self-Care’ Suggestions, integrative activities and classes, Celebrating You! Day of Relaxation, and Turkey Dinners are ways in which caregivers can engage in a break away.

Our virtual care connects caregivers to phone, email, text, and a social interactive platform that offers short moments of encouragement, respite, and purpose. Emotional coaching, resources, and referrals are provided as needed by the caregiver. Check our events page for classes/activities.

A caregiver gathering for mind, body, and spirit. Designed with the caregiver in mind, the day provides an empowering and energetic day of respite activities for family caregivers. Some activities include chair massage, essential oils, yoga, arts/crafts, nature walks, and more.

We understand that holidays can be a little (or a lot) more challenging for caregivers. We hope to help lighten the load by offering complimentary turkey dinners in partnership with Bob Evans. Meals are delivered to your house; registration on the events page in November.

Grow Together with Iris Respite House & Healing and Restorative Gardens

In 2021, Hope Grows will open the doors of The Iris Respite House welcoming family caregivers to experience the benefits of this unique Bed and Breakfast comprehensive model that serves as an extension of the Hope Grows mission: to inspire hope through nature while empowering caregivers to seek wellness of mind, body, and spirit.